#shortBookReviews The Hawk and The Dove, Thompson

By Jason Criss Howk 16 February 2019 Dispatches from Pinehurst now offers #shortBookReviews for you.  These reviews will be concise and hopefully useful…no author critiquing, no opining on the shortcomings of the book, no literature reviews of similar books on the topic.  These reviews serve a simple purpose: to tell you what is in the… Read More #shortBookReviews The Hawk and The Dove, Thompson

America clarifies its CT policy

Finally an administration uses clear language to publicly segregate Violent Islamist ideologues from the religion of Islam and the Muslims around the world that are America’s natural allies against terrorism. As Muslims are usually the victims of terrorism, America must make clear that we are friends to all Muslims and we differentiate radical Islamists from… Read More America clarifies its CT policy

Jason Howk’s Podcast: We’re Just Talking About It

Episode one is available on our website https://werejusttalkingaboutit.libsyn.com/about Also available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/were-just-talking-about-its-podcast/id1404984777?mt=2&i=1000414834953 Hollie Fleck, my amazing producer, and I will drop a couple more episodes soon and then “We’re Just Talking About It” will show up in all your favorite podcast listings. So for now please use our website and share it with your… Read More Jason Howk’s Podcast: We’re Just Talking About It