Afghan girl Khost Province, Afghanistan 2003

Besides being a lousy guitar player, I enjoy art and wildlife. My good friends at the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in England are at the leading edge of using art to advance education and protection of endangered wildlife. I enjoy creating art that I can sell to help raise funds that DSWF can use to save our most amazing creatures. Contact me if you would like to make a worthwhile donation to DSWF and I can send you one of my pieces.

I also enjoy sharing great art and artists that seek to make the world a better place.

Please check out these talented artists.

Pat Dowden is an amazing sketch artist that has illustrated many of my articles and books. See his work on Facebook.


Omaid Sharifi, is a patron of the arts, Co-Founder and President of ArtLords in Kabul Afghanistan. He will provide us with an artist/judge from his foundation.

you can see life-changing art from Artlords at https://www.artlords.co/shop

Andrew Pledge is from the United Kingdom and is the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Artist of the Year 2020

you can see his award winning art at www.Andrewpledgeart.com

Tara Larby, from StudioBird Fine Art in Austrailia is currently supporting Australian Wildlife Conservancy and is a big fan of David Shepherd’s art and his foundation.

you can see her amazing works at https://www.studiobirdfineart.com.au/