New Podcast: Islam 101– the conversation we should have started on 12 Sept 2001

We are excited to announce our first episode of the podcast “we’re just talking about it” is in the can and out for review with our early listeners.

Host Jason Criss Howk and cohost and producer Hollie Fleck will be having a conversation in plain English every other week to help people understand Islam.

Not a scholarly lecture but a real conversation inspired by the questions that Jason has received from 3 years traveling America giving Islam talks.

We want to hear from our listeners too. Send us any questions you have about Islam or Muslim cultures and we will talk about it. Send your questions to

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We will be on Libsyn podcast hosting

We aren’t trying to promote or denigrate a religion or solve all the world’s problems.

Since September 11th America has done a really bad job of discussing Islam and we want to change that.

Join our conversation, because we’re just talking about it


Jason and Hollie

A veteran-owned venture that started when a military spouse had an idea.

3 thoughts on “New Podcast: Islam 101– the conversation we should have started on 12 Sept 2001

  1. This was a great podcast as I mentioned on Twitter. I knew about the basics of Islam from school, but they were really the bare bones facts (5 Pillars, etc.). I didn’t get information about the stuff I heard in the media (often daily) about Islam.

    For example, I knew about the concepts of Shia and Sunni, but I didn’t understand how they were different. In one simple answer, this podcast broke this concept down in a way that I could easily understand it.

    We need this podcast because there is too much misinformation on “information” sources out there!


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