Since 2008 I have been steadily publishing articles, monographs, and books. I would never have been willing to put my ideas into print if not for my first writing mentor then-Major General Karl Eikenberry. Karl was working 18-hour days in a war zone on a Secretary of Defense assigned mission, and yet he took time to coach me into becoming a better writer. Karl retired as an Ambassador and he is still a better writer than I am.

Learning to write is a life-long journey…and you are always finding a better way to express yourself. I joined the military writers guild to help others learn to become writers and to improve my own craft. So today I spend my time helping new and older writers to get their ideas published. If I can help you let me know.

Below are a few of my latest articles and links to my longer monographs and books.

Keep reading and keep writing.

Best, Jason

My latest book on leadership with lots of real-life examples from modern events and history.


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