The Reading List

“To understand a topic you have to read around it.”

I took this advice to heart from an unknown mentor in my life.  This is a list of books I have found helpful over the years.  Some are about leadership and honor.  Others discuss economics, diplomacy, and strategic thinking.  There is definitely a military theme as that was my profession. Whatever your career field or interests ensure you read and listen to opposing views as well as those who agree with you.  I try every day to listen to and read news from all ends of the political spectrum.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for this list because I like to buy books…

In no particular order my library shelves contain:

  • Five Years to Freedom, James Nick Rowe
  • The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power, Daniel Yergin
  • Biko, Donald Woods
  • The Words of George C. Marshall, The George C. Marshall Foundation
  • Arabian Sands, Wilfred Thesiger
  • The Bible, Quran, and many other religious texts
  • On War, Carl von Clausewitz
  • Ideas and Action, George P. Shultz
  • naked economics: undressing the dismal science, Charles Wheelan
  • Defeat Into Victory, Field Marshal the Viscount Slim
  • Team of Teams, Stan McChrystal and company
  • Dutch, Edmund Morris
  • The Fierce Pawns (Signal Catastophe) Patrick Macrory
  • The Great Game, Peter Hopkins
  • Forrest Pogue’s 4 volume biography of George C. Marshall
  • Blackhawk Down, Mark Bowden
  • Soldier, Matt Ridgway
  • The Sugar Season, Douglas Whynott
  • Rigged, Ben Mezrich
  • Running the World: The Inside Story of the NSC, David Rothkopf
  • Nelson Speaks: Admiral Lord Nelson in his own words, Joseph Callo
  • Diplomacy, Henry Kissinger
  • The Utility of Force, General Rupert Smith
  • My Life with the Taliban, Abdul Salam Zaeef
  • Contemporary Conflict Resolution, Ramsbotham etc. 
  • Victory on the Potomac, Locher
  • Moltke on the Art of War, Hughes
  • Can We Be Neutral, Dulles and Armstrong, 1936
  • Generalship: It’s Diseases and Their Cure, JFC Fuller, 1933
  • A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, Eric Newby
  • American Generalship, Edgar Puryear
  • US National Security, (latest edition) Sarkesian, Williams, Cimbala
  • Flawed by Design: CIA, JCS, NSC, Amy Zegart
  • Who guards the guardians and how, Ed. Thomas Bruneau