Prayer and Gun Bans Won’t Stop Mass Murderers

So it looks like the FBI and others had taken notice of the latest coward child-murderer…yet it happened— again.

Dear U.S. and local government,

We must be proactive and interdict shooters.

If you hear politicians calling for more praying or calling for banning firearms you can bet they don’t understand this problem.

I have repeatedly offered solutions to groups that say they want to stop this violence. They don’t care as much as you think.

1. Harden our schools. Hire veterans and law enforcement to guard schools. If we can guard banks and businesses we can afford to guard children. Make schools harder to get in to. We do this for every base and Embassy overseas…Americans know how. Call the Military engineers and ask for advice and expertise. It’s likely you can get volunteers to perform security in every town, plenty of retired firearm experts are at your disposal.

2. Get mental health providers and law enforcement talking. No logical reason the FBI or local law enforcement agency could not have taken some actions in most cases. Homicidal ideation in a patient should never be kept secret.

3. Focus on people not murder weapons. Many countries have mass murderers. They use the weapons they can get. Knives, firearms, explosives, vehicles etc. In China its knives and they target younger students so they can’t fight back. Who fits the mass murder profile? What groups are they part of? What do they say and do publicly?

We must change our laws so we can be proactive and not reactive.

4. Create an instant background check system so that no legal sale is ever done to a person that should not own a firearm…extend to bomb making materials? But remember that most murderers won’t legally buy a gun so this doesn’t stop every murder…but every life counts.

Every shooting reminds me of the mass shootings in my hometown, on my military base, and in one of my military towns that motivated me to study mass murder and serial murder for my Criminology degree.

We can all use sporks to kill and eat food so guns and knives are unnecessary, ride horses to eliminate vehicle deaths, and live with small vegetables when bomb capable fertilizers are banned…it won’t stop a murderer.

We have to target people not just tools. I can swing a bat at an intruder, but at my age, I’d rather just drop him so don’t make me use a weapon that leaves me at a disadvantage in my home.

The easy solutions aren’t even being done, so don’t try to start with the hard ones.


Jason Criss Howk

One thought on “Prayer and Gun Bans Won’t Stop Mass Murderers

  1. Jason, very wise advice and solutions to combat these horrendous tragedies! Some people simply refuse to listen and many simply refuse to ask for help! Those know-it-alls are in truth no-it-alls!


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