Patriot Foundation steps up!

What a great night at the Patriot Foundation Soldier appreciation dinner to honor our veterans, their families and the donors that give so generously.

Amazing stories from two recipients of Patriot Foundation support.

The Patriot Foundation rapidly funds the needs of the children and spouses of those that have fallen or been injured since September 11th.

Our Gold Star spouse tonight shared her story about her 15 year old that was struggling mightily with the loss of her father as she entered high school.

When this mother had no one left to turn to to get her daughter into a small private school where she could recover and excel, the Patriot Foundation stepped up.

Within 36 hours of reaching out to the Patriot Foundation through the Fort Bragg survivors assistance office her daughter was enrolled in a new school and the tuition was no longer an issue.

Our injured veteran and his wife also shared how the Patriot Foundation changed their life.

When she was at her wits end trying to care for her injured paratrooper and her newborn child the Patriot Foundation stepped up to cover her childcare needs. When their family was a few states away they found a new family in the Patriot Foundation. Later the Patriot Foundation assisted her in getting a masters degree with a 4.0 GPA.

I’m so humbled to be a part of this team and to see the people we help.

Also honored tonight were Ed Broyhill representing the Broyhill family foundation; William Boddie representing the Boddie-Noell team and the Hardee’s family.

Finally we thank General Dan McNeill who has served and supported our veterans and their families so well. All the Way!

Please learn more about this great organization.

The Patriot Foundation

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