Veteran Fighting Bigotry Towards and Myths About Muslims

GoFundMe update

Please help me share this message.


Thank you all so much for your support in the publishing of my Qur’an interpretation.

I still have a long way to go to pay for the cost of publishing a book of this length but I believe the effort is worth my investment and yours. Book royalties will take years to pay off this book but I will continue to educate people despite the financial costs, which were much higher than our original estimate.

Please share my peace project with other people that are interested in learning more about Islam and tolerance through education.

Let me tell you how this book and my introduction to Islam talks have helped explain the myths and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. Through education, understanding, and tolerance we can move closer to peaceful coexistence among all humans regardless of faiths.

+ I continue to be invited to speak at various venues across the country. I always find the majority of people can quickly comprehend the material and walk away able to understand the difference between the vast majority of Muslims and the small minority of violent radicals that are attracted to groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. (90% my travel and speaking expenses are out of pocket costs because many organizations cannot pay to invite a speaker)

+ This summer Michelle and I went on a 5 state book tour and spoke with hundreds of people that were hungry to find out more about Islam and the Qur’an. They had honest and heartfelt questions and I think we all grew from our conversations.

+ My book is now one of the few award winning Qurans on the market. I was honored with the Readers’ Favorite Honorable Mention Award (4th place). This is an annual international contest with thousands of entries. The book award ceremony for “excellence in writing” will take place this November in Miami.

+ I am also steadily teaching classes about Islam at three education institutes. The response of my students has been very positive and they often mention my objectivity and fairness as a refreshing change to classes about Islam. Students range from high school age to senior citizen.

+ My friends, readers, and colleagues have told me they are now taking part in interfaith dialogues in their local area and are reaching out to Muslims in their community to develop friendships.

+ I continue to have Muslims thank me personally for my efforts to share the truth about Islam so that we can decrease unnecessary hatred and bigotry. Many admit that I am doing something they cannot due to attacks and bigotry against Muslims from all parts of the political spectrum and even attacks from other extremist Muslims against peace-seeking Muslims.

+ My book continues to purchased on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and is getting great reviews internationally from open minded people that seek honest dialogue. Of course extremists (both Muslim and non-Muslim) offer only criticism but they will not derail this train.

+ A number of my readers that have previously tried to read the Qur’an have told me they were able to get through my version in a week. They found it met the primary goal of being a readable and accurate interpretation.

+ People who seldom read any books at all are now telling me this book has really gotten them to think and overcome bias and prejudice.

Thank you. I can use their help to fund my project and to find new audiences for my message.

If you know of any media outlets that would like to talk about my story please connect us. It’s hard to get a “good news story” noticed in America.

I appreciate any help you can give my project. This is a necessary conversation we have avoided for too long since September 11th 2001 and avoiding the topic has not decreased terrorism or bigotry. If anything, avoidance of an objective public discussion about Islam has caused even greater divisions in society. Together we can reverse this trend.


Jason Criss Howk

Major (Retired), U.S. Army

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