How ISIS Teaches its Message to Youths and Others

An important study here from the Washington Institiute for Near East Policy.
Inside the Caliphate’s (ISIS) Classroom

If you want to undermine an ideology (after you decide to and actually specifically identify the enemy that is following said ideology) you must understand what it’s ideology is and how they spread it. 

As this study will show, it is not merely the infusion or spread of reli- gious ideas that is novel about what IS pursues. Rather, it is the systematic formation of a world picture in which children are given a moral basis for believing the Islamic State’s narrative and worldview are true, and every- thing else is false. us, it is not enough for policy planners to push for counter-messaging tactics. Rather, any meaningful counter-narrative strat- egy requires a more sophisticated understanding of how a world picture is curated, validated, and presented.45 More speci cally, policy planners should pay attention not only to what kind of message IS promotes to vali- date its violent, purist, state-building project, but also to how it promotes it by appropriating parts of the mainstream Islamic tradition to justify its objectives.

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