Handling Bigotry Questions

It seems like a odd question to ask presidential candidates in 2016 but if you should get asked your thoughts on the KKK or other groups like it here’s an example answer. 

Reporter: Jason do you want the political support of the KKK when running for president?
Me: No.

Reporter: what about Louis Farrakhan?

Me: No.

Reporter: ISIS?

Me: No.

Reporter: Kanye?

Me: No. Look dude I don’t want the political support of any bigoted idiot that thinks he is better than other group of people because of his race, religion, ancestry, education level, political party, or so called social class. That’s not how America works. Anyone can be anything they work hard for and no one is any better than anyone else. Respect is earned for your actions in life not your beliefs or physical characteristics. 

Reporter: Ok that should cover it. 

-end interview-

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