Afghan War is On Azimuth

This week you might have noticed the Taliban was involved in a few separate peace talks and struggling violently to deal with ISIS in Afghanistan.

The Afghan Army is taking advantage of the situation and pushing even harder this winter after a very successful year in 2017 leading its own operations.

“This winter, however, Afghan and U.S. forces are continuing to attack Taliban strongholds and support networks. There are active offensives in all six corps zones—the first year this had been possible in January. A new U.S. policy was announced in August that strengthens the commitment to Afghanistan and allows for increased offensive action on insurgent forces and enablers.”

I remember watching the first few battalions of Afghan Soldiers marching off the graduation field in 2002.

Seeing the determination instilled in an Army that was born in war and that has operated continuously in one of the most difficult terrains in the world is rewarding.

Salute to the Afghan Security Forces, the Afghan Government and the families that support them.

Better days lay beyond this winter.

Resolute Support update

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