WWSD? What Would Sistani Do?

WWSD? What Would Sistani Do?
In my introduction to Islam class yesterday we got into a frank discussion about what are Muslims supposed to do when facing some modern social issues. 
I recalled a website my Islam professor (Dr Abbas Kadhim) once shared with me and thought it would be useful to show my 39 students. 
We journeyed onto Al Sayid Al Sistani’s website to his Q&A section. It’s where you can get advice from His Eminence, Sayyid Ali al-Sistani
I made clear to them that these answers are the advice of one of the most respected religious scholars on the “Shi’a side” of Islam and not answers that all “Sunni” Muslims would accept.  
With that caveat, we looked at what a Muslim should do if he gets a dinner invitation from a man that runs a business that trades in pork or alcohol. 
We asked Sistani what a woman should do if she is thinking about an abortion…the answer will likely surprise you. 
We also explored his views on bullfighting…yeah there are some interesting questions on this site. 
Check out this English language website if you have ever wondered what is acceptable for Muslims and what is not. This will give some answers, but remember like any religion there are differing opinions. 

You hear lots of myths and propaganda about religion in life. Here’s a way to get some facts. Who knows you may even share his opinions about nail polish, hand-holding, and cheese…it’s all in there. 

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