The real drivers and recruits of today’s scourge 


The most important 5 minutes you can spend this month. 
 A Georgetown professor explains the more important causes of extremism and who they lure into their organizations (in this case deadly-violent radical Islamists based on Pakistan’s experience). 
Maybe we need a movie night at the White House and state department so they can get their head around the real drivers of religious extremism instead of trotting out same old myths he exposes. Especially The old State Department “give them jobs” Spokesperson. 

Then again the worldwide socialist movement would have its methods and Achilles heel exposed if we actually confronted Islamist Extremists this way so maybe world leaders will continue to ignore his research. 

A great quote from my Islamic studies professor yesterday. 

“Islam is not a religion of peace or war. It is a religion, just like any other. Peace and war depend on one’s interpretation and ends.”

That has been my experience with every Muslim I have met. Just like its been my experience with every Hindu, Christian, Buddhist or Jewish person. Deadly violent extremism is not tied to any one religion and its moved around the world over the centuries. But you have to target its ideology precisely to undermine it. So today we (the world) have to understand what is causing this epidemic at the radical Islamist end of Islam and unite to stop it. (See Mali this morning this isn’t contained)

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