ISIS, Islamism, and Islam discussion with MOAA

A Harry Potter moment…

Today I was honored to speak to the Military Officers Association of America. I was invited to talk about ISIS, Islamism and Islam.
In light of this weekends attack in Paris it was a timely discussion.

This has been a part of my speaking series in North Carolina to make citizens more aware of current events.
Today was a great discussion about the American response to ISIS and the Syrian nation’s fragmentation. We also discussed the difference between the religion of Islam and the radical deadly-violent Islamist movement that is gaining strength world-wide.
One of the main points we all agreed upon was that President Obama needs a Harry Potter moment where he identifies the enemy. When he declares that we are not afraid to make clear to the moderate Muslims around the world that we stand with them and we will fight the deadly-violent Islamist movements that are tearing apart the Middle East and murdering Muslims everyday in between their attacks on Europe and other areas that have a low Muslim population.

ISIS is at war with the entire world and they are a sick-minded wing of the radical Islamist movement. They do not practice Islam as any rational person knows it.
When asked by a retired Three-Star what I would do if I were the president I offered one thought.

I would provide international leadership to destroy ISIS because the world must be united and they are all looking at America to once again provide the leadership needed to face this evil.

Oddly enough I came home to hear Secretary of Defense Panetta giving the same advice on the afternoon news shows.

You can not defeat an enemy you cannot identify and the American people and Muslims around the world are smart enough to understand the difference between Islam and Deadly Islamists. The White House needs to say Valdemort out loud and develop a strategy tailored to defeat this deadly-violent radical Islamist network all over the world. Believe me moderate Muslims world-wide are tired of the death toll that these radicals are inflicting.

I don’t expect any Muslims to apologize for the ISIS psycho radicals that are distorting their religion just like I don’t apologize daily for any actions by Christians or Aryan supremacists that commit violence.

I do expect everyone in the world that can define evil to stand and fight against ISIS and their ilk.

ISIS is murdering innocent people everyday and history will judge the world if we don’t unite and stop them.

We must lead.

One thought on “ISIS, Islamism, and Islam discussion with MOAA

  1. President Obama should have an epiphany shortly. I have noticed that those in leadership positions are starting to use the term “Daesh” finally. So there is hope that this administration may have their Harry Potter moment. Well said and thanks for posting the notes from your discussion!


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