Finish Afghanistan Wisely

7 February 2019

By Jason Criss Howk

You have to read Afghan press to get the truth these days…

I trust the insights of Generals Votel and Miller on Afghanistan war progress. They are two of the best officers our nation has ever produced and I have worked beside most of the generals you have heard of since September 11th.

The strategy is having results. As long as we continue to scale down wisely, the Taliban will end up in peace talks that are controlled by the Afghan government. Then their insurgency will fall apart, as they lose their ideological underpinning.

We have fewer folks in Afghanistan than Korea.

If your belief is that we should pull our troops and let the Afghans go it alone…but you aren’t calling for all troops to leave Korea, Japan, Italy, Africa, Iraq, Syria, Colombia, and every embassy and advisory position around the globe etc…I have a hard time taking you seriously.

Americans in small bases around the world provide invaluable intelligence, leverage, and advisory capability to keep this world from burning down. We are just one apartment in this global high-rise. If the building catches fire and burns down, we do to.

Choose wisely or get ready the fire trucks ready. Life is full of choices.

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