POTUS should fire the Idiots and listen to his Experts 

Trying to enjoy my vacation but got this in my inbox and in light of the radical ideologues causing bloodshed in Virginia thought it was worth sharing.  With Nazi flag waving idiots marching in our streets you can bet that a dozen more veterans thought about running for elected office today. 

The author (whose name I’m withholding) makes some valid points. If you are an American that cares about this country then this is worth a read. If you are a republican that is interested in retaining the majority in congress then you better read this. 



The House of Representatives might be turning very blue

By: Z
If President Trump or Chief of Staff Kelly do not remove the snake oil salesmen from the White House the House of Representatives will turn very blue. How you say?

In case you missed all the signs, the 2018 elections will involve numerous military veterans running for seats long-held by republicans. These young combat-tested veterans will be running on a campaign to drain the swamp of politicians that aren’t helping their constituents or standing up to some of the military and national security policies that Trump is talking about instituting. 

You would think that with respected warrior-diplomats like generals Mattis , Kelly, Dunford, and McMaster advising the president this could never happen. You would be wrong, I’m already being contacted by 2018 candidates across the country from both parties and people running as independents. 
So what’s going wrong for the POTUS? How is he alienating the military that he campaigned to take care of? President Trump is being conned by a few fake experts that have no military or national security experience. He is being advised by a handful of idiots with shady advanced college degrees and ridiculous fan-boy license plates that advertise their insecurities. 
The majority of special operators and actual strategists in the military have nothing but contempt for anyone that claims to be a counter-terrorism expert or strategist with no work credentials to back up the claim. 
So why isn’t Trump letting his SecDef, Joint Chiefs Chairman and National Security Advisor do all the speaking when it comes to military and national security topics?  Why would POTUS or Chief of Staff John Kelly let alleged bigots with zero credibility with the military go out on the White House lawn or appear on television to discuss military or national security topics?

The president is being conned. Plain and simple President Trump is being fooled by a few mental midgets that, as Scaramucci so eloquently, explained are serving their own needs. Usually alpha-males don’t need to service themselves but these guys have fewer martial skills than a Girl Scout. These people are not serving President Trump or the nation and it will end badly for President Trump. This is the same group that tried to slip half-baked executive orders to the president after Inauguration Day. Those orders failed because they hadn’t been screened by the entire cabinet. It was an amateur move by people who didn’t care about the “President Trump reputation” and wanted to use the President to advance their own personal objectives. 

I and so many veterans want the president to be successful because his failure means a failure for our country. 

President Trump the solution is simple. Listen to your SecDef, SecState, CJCS, Chief of Staff and National security advisor and fire the cabal of idiots lurking the halls of the White House. I have met and was impressed by three of the four generals now serving so closely to the President. They will not let America fail, they will not let the President fail. 
These generals stand for all that is good in America: selfless service, integrity, and hard work for starters. They are not con-men that have fooled nearly the entire Fox News network about their credentials. These generals will speak clearly and logically about military issues ranging from transgender service-members to nuclear threats from North Korea. 

If Trump continues to let false strategists talk to the American people about military and national security topics he will piss off the tightest and largest fraternity in the nation. The military and veteran community will rally around the next batch of veteran political candidates and they will drain the White House swamp of bigots, half-wits, and fake military experts. 

The author is a decorated military veteran that has been talking to dozens of active and retired military members specializing in counter-terrorism and strategy development, as well as taking the pulse of veterans across the nation. 

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