PLO views on the Israel-Palestinian Issue

I am spending a couple days in DC to hear Arab views on the Middle East issues they think the next US president will face. 

First up the PLO Deputy Chief of Mission discusses the status of the Israeli and Palestinian issue. 

His major thesis:

The 1988 agreement of a two-state solution is under threat of failure for many reasons. 

His top 4 concerns:

1. The occupation of Palestinian lands and expansion of Israeli settlers. 

2. He feels the Israeli government is undermining the peace efforts. 

3. Israel is failing to uphold international rulings on the peace process. 

4. There is a lack of goodwill and interest by the Israeli government. 

He laid out the 3 pillars of the PLO strategy. 

1. Use international law. 

2. Use of non-violent and peaceful resistance. 

3. Use of diplomatic approaches. 

The DCM pledged PLO support for an international peace conference. 

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