Learning from George C. Marshall 

25 August 2016

Tonight 32 members of the Sandills community gathered at the old Pinehurst Post Office ( The Outpost) for a discussion of the life and legacy of Pinehurst’s first citizen. 

Major (retired) Jason Howk led the discussion that highlighted the key leadership traits of General and Citizen Marshall. 

Our focus was on how certain Marshall attributes are required today to handle an ever evolving set of global actors. 

-Selfless Service




-Strategic Thinking

If we could find more leaders at every level of government in America that held these traits to be a critical foundation, just think of what we could achieve.

One of the audience members was the daughter of the postmaster that handled the mail for the Marshall family for years and had a thank you note from General Marshall for all his help. Some other stories were shared by neighbors of the Marshall family that really showed his humble side and his dedication to good citizenship. We in the Sandhills are privileged to have had such a great patriot tread the same ground. 

It was a wonderful evening and MSI is thankful for the interest of the community in this great American’s legacy. 

Jason Howk will deliver a similar presentation about General Marshall in the Fall at SCC. Look for announcements for this talk around Veterans Day in November.  

The Marshall Service Institute of Pinehurst NC

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