Mentoring the largest generation at work

I spend a lot of time trying to mentor Millennials. I say trying because this generation can be challenging to mentor. 

Not because they are lazy or fickle as many try to paint them but because they see the world differently and like to get lots of opinions before making a decision.

This author makes four great points in one short article. If you are in a position to mentor right now or want to be, read this article. 

I found two points in it that resonate to me. Honesty and making sure they get accurate information. 

Honesty and Accuracy:

I found out early on this generation doesn’t really want the BS long approach to a moral lesson. Tell them the lesson and try to discuss why it’s the better way to act/live at work or socially. Don’t feel hurt if they go right to someone else for an opposing view. I applaud these young folks for double checking their facts. 

But, make sure they are using good sources. Many of them get their news from one biased left or right leaning source so push them to get out of their comfort zone and listen to opposing views from the source…Not opposing views through the lense of media matters or some other biased outlet. Same with work advice. Don’t allow them to listen to just one group of people at work. Make sure they get views from around the shop or office. There are some lazy workers and horrible bosses that look to create the next generation or lazy workers so they won’t look so bad at work. Introduce them to the A-team at work so they can see what excellence looks like and how to get promoted. 

Bottom line we have never had a generation so capable at accessing information. Just help them find honest information from all points of view. They are smart enough to decide what’s best. If they are unsure they will ask for your thoughts. 

Article on mentoring Millennials

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