POTUS Refusing to Lead an Interfaith Dialogue

This is the perfect time for the President of the United States to lead an interfaith dialogue with the American people. 

Following the mass killing of innocent Americans in an Orlando nightclub by a violent radical Islamist coward our government is choosing to omit his references to Islam and ISIS. 

FBI transcript release June 2016
   This is an unhelpful whitewashing of the transcript. Instead of trying to hide the fact that this coward was an Islamist and aligning himself to a popular radical violent Islamist organization, America needs a leader that will be honest.
   Time and again I have found Americans are more than intelligent enough to differentiate between the religion of Islam and ideologues that subscribe to violent radical Islamist thought. 
   For some reason our current administration does not believe they can have an open and honest conversation with their citizens. It’s causing America to gain a very poor understanding of Islam and an even poorer impression of Muslims. 
   Everyday that the president fails to lead on this topic American’s views on Islam and Muslims harden. The President is the one person that can lead on this topic. 

  • He can explain that violent radical Islamist ideology is deeply rooted in the early history of Islam when the two major “sects” split. That those early radicals were conducting the same heinous acts as their modern followers.
  • He can describe how Islamists seek to unite religion and governance into one. They seek to erase the separation of church and state. 
  • He can describe how violent radical Islamists are a small and usually despised portion of the Muslim community. They are willing to use extreme cruelty and violence to achieve the political aims of Islamism. 
  • He can ensure peaceful Muslims around the world, that are threatened by violent radical Islamists, know that America understands the deadly problem they face and that we side with peaceful Muslims as they stand against the hatred of violent radical Islamists. He can remind us that Muslims are usually the first victim of violent radical Islamists. 
  • He can describe the people, communities, and nations that support this type of radical Islamist ideology so that we can shine a bright light on their disgusting activities. 
  • He can be honest with all Americans and the world about the deadly global problem of violent radical Islamism. 

   Or he can pretend that when faced with a very specific problem, using very specific language to analyze it and solve it are not important. 
   I don’t want a war between all Muslims and the rest of the world. ISIS, their backers, and the global violent radical Islamist movement does. Let’s cut their legs out from under them and help the mass majority of Muslims in the world to gain the upper hand in their battle to defeat violent radical Islamism. 
   The American people are smart enough to understand the critical and large distinction between Islam and violent radical Islamism. Let’s start talking about it. 

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