Petraeus tries to explain an important distinction our Presidents haven’t

Petraeus OpEd on Islam and radical Islamism

“Again, none of this is to deny or diminish the reality that we are at war with Islamist extremism — a fanatical ideology based on a twisted interpretation of Islam. Nor is it to minimize the need for smart, intelligence-driven measures to prevent terrorists from infiltrating our borders and exploiting our immigration policies.”

A reason there is so much loose and uniformed talk about Islam is the inability of our past 6 presidents to lead on the topic and clearly define the difference between Islam and radical Islamism like Petraeus does in this article. 

I have been writing and speaking about this publicly for a year. My interfaith dialogues reveal a need for our political leaders to use clear and specific language. The audience always asks me why our leaders won’t talk like I do on the topic. 

Hopefully our next president will be a leader and mold consensus as MLK asks for leaders to do. The American people deserve and ask for common sense talk on this topic. 

The Islam speech I wrote for Obama and the current candidates

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