LtGen Sir Graeme Lamb (Ret) and the Iranian Nuclear Agreement

“Following the announcement of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement Lieutenant General (Retired, U.K. Army) Sir Graeme Lamb was interviewed by Jason Criss Howk, a former colleague that had assisted him during the creation and international acceptance of the Afghan Reconciliation and Peace Program. The interview was conducted via email from 15–16 July 2015.”

No matter what your position is on the Iran nuclear agreement a robust discussion about its effects on the Middle East and the world is crucial to policy planning for the next couple of decades. Recent history has shown that short sighted policy decisions have impacts that have unmeasurable costs in human life.

Check out the other content on The Bridge. These are some of the brightest strategic thinkers writing today. They just let me write for sheer morbid curiosity of what I might say next.

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