The Enemy We Won’t Name is Among Us, and Winning

Four United States Marines were murdered yesterday (in America) by a global enemy that the current Presidential Administration (and many other world leaders) don’t dare to identify.

“They who shall not be named” are now being called violent extremist organizations by the US government in an effort to not damage relations between the US and the Muslim world. They refuse to name the enemy because they think that they strengthen the enemy by calling them by the name they use themselves (Islamic Jihadists).

Here is the problem. In war, if you don’t identify your enemy correctly you cannot develop a strategy to defeat it. The peaceful people of the world are being hunted (globally) by a group of fighters that use terrorism to gain control over physical space and free speech zones.

The current enemy can be best identified as deadly-violent radical Islamists. Let me break down that definition. Islam is a major religion whose adherents call themselves Muslims. Islamists are a subgroup of Islam (many at the fringe end of the Islamic faith). Islamists seek to combine religion and governance into one dominant form of control over the population. Islamists can be Shia or Sunni, the two major sects of Islam.

Not all Islamists are radical. Some Islamists talk of their goal to reach back to the so called golden age of Islam when government leaders were also religious leaders. But radical Islamists use un-democratic methods to achieve their goals and radicalization occurs around the world inside and outside the mosques. The worst of the Islamists use deadly-violence to terrorize their enemies to force them to accept the Islamist views and lifestyle they espouse.

So where does that leave the world? In the Middle East, Asia and North Africa it leaves millions of Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews and others being terrorized by large groups of Deadly-violent Radical Islamists. The victims in most areas are unable to fight against these dedicated Islamists that are willing to use suicide operations to defeat the non-Islamists.

In the rest of the world non-Islamists are slowly discovering how deadly these radicals really are. But we are ignoring the constant daily suffering that people living under Islamist rule face. We are trying to ignore the threat that is steadily creeping into our societies where religion is seperated from government by law in most cases.

Have no doubt that this is a global deadly-violent radical Islamist movement that contains many different groups and individuals. When one strikes it’s enemies dead they all rejoice. In some areas they have re-instituted slavery, crucifixions, and beheadings. They hang homosexuals in the town square. They keep young sex slaves, boys and girls, that may not even have reached puberty yet. They want to revive the old Islamic Empires they think were so glorious.

If we continue to ignore the fact that they are:
A. A global organization
B. A radical subset of Islamists
C. Not going to stop on their own

we will never stop their spread.

So what do we do?
1. Admit who they are. Then get all the Islamic organizations and leaders in the world to delegitimize the form of Islam the murderers espouse. Also get all religious leaders to denounce any deadly-extremists in their own religion. There are currently Islamist religious leaders that are fanning the flames by propping up the extreme religious view of our enemy.
2. Attack the financing of the enemy. We have not started to do this aggressively enough.
3. Be vigilant against radicalization of Muslims that may join the Violent Radical Islamist ranks.
4. Kill the deadly-violent radical Islamists wherever they raise their heads. They are terrorizing innocent people of all religions all over the world. Leaving people that have no training to fight this type of radical fighter is unfair and inhuman. Unleash the best fighters in the world to rescue the innocent and destroy the enemy.

Or kick the can down the road and let the enemy spread until this problem really gets hard.

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