Leadership lessons from George C Marshall

I have seen these great ideals of leadership and citizenship in many of my bosses, peers and subordinates during 24 years of national service.
One of the greatest Americans of the 20th Century often exhibited them and we should study his legacy.
Where can you use these concepts in your life?

Selfless Service: always be ready to serve your community, nation and world when you are needed.

Strategic Thinking:
1. Honestly understand the issues and take them as they are not how you wish them to be.
2. Clearly identify your goals related to the issue.
3. Outline acceptable broad solutions to achieve your goals.
4. Fully resource all solutions and support your people carrying out your policy.

Strategic Leadership:
1. Transmit your strategy constantly to everyone involved in the solution.
2. Listen to all ideas regardless of a person’s station in the organization.
3. Constantly evolve and improve your strategy and organization.
4. Empower your people at all levels to make decisions; knowing they understand the strategy.
5. Know that you cannot get back lost time. An 80% solution started today is better than a 99% solution never started.

Mentorship: Constantly prepare the next generation of leaders to take your place. Share lessons learned with younger team-mates to improve them faster. Build a stronger team that can anticipate each other’s actions.

For more information go to the Foundation that preserves his legacy and educates our citizens.

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